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Loch Maberry Stories of Bladnoch

Chapter One

In March 2024, Bladnoch launched Loch Maberry: Stories of Bladnoch, Chapter One. The first release in a new, limited-edition series celebrating and selected by individuals who have a deep affinity with its exceptional whiskies. Stories of Bladnoch cask is chosen annually by a selected enthusiast - someone who appreciates our whisky and the people who work tirelessly to deliver amazing experiences. This tradition allows our customers to share their personal adventures with Bladnoch Distillery.

Nick Sanye

Chapter One

Mr Arnold's Cask

The remarkable Mr. Arnold is a passionate, lifelong admirer of Bladnoch Distillery and naturally, was the perfect choice for our inaugural Stories of Bladnoch release. His enthusiasm reflects the dedication of the entire Distillery team, who collectively bring our whisky to life. With Mr. Arnold leading the way alongside Dr Nick Savage, our first release embodies the rich history and genuine admiration that define Bladnoch Distillery.

Stories of Bladnoch


Distilled Sep 2008 • Bottled Jan 2024

Cask type: Red Wine Hogshead
Cask no: 89/2008
Selection date: 20/09/23


700 ML | 56.7% ABV | Natural colour | Non-chill filtered

Blackcurrants | Ginger | Herbal

  • Nose

    Dark blackcurrant jam with fir cones, orange peel zest and dark chocolate.

  • Palate

    Strawberries and cream with ginger covered dark chocolates.

  • Finish

    Sweet and sticky, calm warming caramel.

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