The Samhla Collection

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    The Signature Bundle includes our award-winning Pure Scot Signature blended Scotch Whisky and Single Malt Bladnoch Vinaya with a water dropper and a tasting glass.
    $150 AUD


    Take an opportunity to enjoy our award-winning Pure Scot Signature and Pure Scot Virgin Oak Blended Scotch in a bundle.
    $100 AUD


    Enjoy the ultimate Bladnoch collection with our Generation Bundle, including whiskies from the past, present and future - Bladnoch 14 year old, Bladnoch Vinaya and Pure Scot Signature.
    $300 AUD


    Enjoy the ultimate Bladnoch Age Statement collection with our decadent and rich Oloroso Sherry matured Bladnoch 14 year old and the sweet and indulgent world whisky award 2022 category winner - Bladnoch 19 year old, matured in Pedro Ximenez casks.
    $500 AUD

  • Bladnoch Vinaya

    Matured in a unique combination of 1st fill Bourbon and 1st fill Sherry casks for notes of fresh apple, sweet floral grass and hints of chocolate.
    $100 AUD

  • Bladnoch 11 Year Old

    Award-winning Single Malt matured exclusively in ex-Bourbon casks for a refreshing, floral expression.
    $125 AUD

  • Bladnoch 14 Year Old

    The Bladnoch 14 Year Old is aged exclusively in Oloroso Sherry casks.
    $190 AUD

  • Bladnoch 19 Year Old

    The 19 Year Old is matured in Pedro Ximenez casks for delectable notes of dark liquorice and dried apricots.
    $350 AUD

  • Bladnoch Talia 26 Year Old

    Matured in American oak red wine casks to provide rich and powerful fruitiness. 2020 release.
    $599 AUD

  • Bladnoch Gift Card

    The perfect gift no matter the occasion.
    $50.00 AUD - $400.00 AUD

  • Bladnoch Talia

    Matured in Oloroso sherry and American oak red wine casks from the oldest casks in the Bladnoch archives. 2022 release.
    $600 AUD

  • Bladnoch Liora

    Liora embodies the delicate balance between the intensity of the new oak and the sweetness of the bourbon casks.
    $125 AUD

  • The Dragon Series - The Collection

    Drawing parallels with Whisky production, The Dragon Series showcases the scale of variability encountered throughout the process, which is seemingly chaotic and unpredictable. However, using the skills, knowledge and experience of the craftsman of today, and of those before us, the final whisky always become beautiful through each of these golden iterations.
    $950 AUD

  • The Dragon Series - The Field

    Dragon Series: Iteration I is the origin for all of our whisky. Barley is harvested annually from the farmers field before undergoing the process of malting. The resulting malted barley gives us the main raw material for our distillery.
    $205 AUD

  • The Dragon Series - The Spirit

    Dragon Series: Iteration II is the first distillery production stage. The malted barley from the field is taken through the three key processes of mashing, fermentation and distillation.
    $205 AUD

  • The Dragon Series - The Casks

    Dragon Series: Iteration III in the series showcases another primary source of variability within the parallel process of cask coopering. A multitude of variables must be considered, ranging from oak species and the growth environment, through to the technical challenges of toasting, charring and seasoning.
    $205 AUD

  • The Dragon Series - The Ageing

    Dragon Series : Iteration IV focuses on the longest, the most complex and least understood process of maturation. Casks filled with new make spirit undertake years and decades of interactions with their environment, building an unpredictable structure for the whisky to come.
    $205 AUD

  • The Dragon Series - The Decision

    Dragon Series: Iteration V focuses on Whisky making in the sample room, where the decisions are made for our final products. All variability and unpredictability is considered at the bench, protecting tomorrows interests, whilst balancing todays needs for a consistent and sustainable experience for everyone.
    $205 AUD

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