The Samhla Collection

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Drawing parallels with Whisky production, The Dragon Series showcases the scale of variability encountered throughout the process, which is seemingly chaotic and unpredictable. However, using the skills, knowledge and experience of the craftsman of today, and of those before us, the final whisky always become beautiful through each of these golden iterations.


Iteration II is the first distillery production stage. The malted barley from the field is taken through the three key processes of mashing, fermentation and distillation. The potential variables and unpredictability further multiply through these steps with gravities, temperatures and cut points to name a few, all requiring a deep understanding from our mash and still men, ensuring we have a consistent new make spirit. This Lowland floral and fruity distillery character is ready to advance to be filled into our oak casks for maturation.


Nose: Pear drops with fresh cut grass

Palate: Malted cereal with boiled sweets and hint of cracked pepper

Finish: Refreshing yet warm

Strength 48.3% ABV

Cask types: 1st fill and Refill Bourbons

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