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Cask Faq

Does Bladnoch sell casks of whisky to the public?
Is Kirkcowan the same as Bladnoch?
Can I buy Kirkcowan Single Malt Scotch Whisky
What am I allowed to put on the label should I bottle my cask?
Can I sell my cask back to Bladnoch Distillery?
Can I get a sample from my cask?
Can I visit and view my cask?
Can I have the cask transferred to my personal account?
Is £X a good price for this cask? Is X cask a good investment? Is X a good broker to buy from? Can I sell my cask?
Which traders do you sell to?

For any further questions, please contact the distillery by email on Our distillery team are unable to assist via telephone so please direct all queries via our email address.

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