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We are delighted to announce our new Peated Collection, a celebration of Bladnoch’s innovation and approach to whisky making. This year, Alinta (previously the only peated expression by Bladnoch) is joined by 4 new peated whiskies to create a collection for those who love a dram with some fire.

Alinta, derived from indigenous Australian languages, evokes images of "fire" and "flames" and was the first peated whisky to be added to the Bladnoch range since the distillery was taken over by David Prior in 2015. Alinta is uniquely crafted using a combination of PX Sherry and ex-bourbon casks and evokes the notes of campfire embers found in each sip, completely different to anything that had previously been released by Bladnoch Distillery, and not particularly emblematic of the typical Lowlands style of whisky.

Joining Alinta to create Bladnoch’s Peated Collection are four new whiskies made with peated barley: Alinta Reserve, and the three Single Casks, each showcasing distinct flavours and characteristics. Dr. Nick Savage, Bladnoch's Master Distiller, hand selects each cask, ensuring only the highest quality and most unique casks make it into this exclusive collection. Speaking about this collection, Dr. Savage commented, "The Bladnoch Peated Collection has been inspired by our 2009 stocks, which are uniquely 100% peated. Lowland single malt is not traditionally peated, however, the launch of Alinta had such an amazing reception from everyone. I wanted to extend this limited but unique peated section in our portfolio for those who enjoy the smoky styles of Bladnoch. Our peated collection is an annual celebration of the extremely unique and rare 2009 stocks at Bladnoch." 

The Alinta Reserve, a limited batch release of only 2,000 bottles, will be selected annually by Dr. Nick Savage. For the inaugural 2023 batch, 100% first-fill Amontillado Sherry Hogshead casks were chosen, providing a well-balanced experience of smoky campfire and white chocolate.

The Peated Collection Single Casks are created using Bladnoch's 2009 maturing stocks, which are exclusively 100% peated and exceptionally rare. Each year, Dr. Nick Savage will access these exceptional 2009 stocks to select and release three single casks, showcasing the rarity, scarcity, and uniqueness of Bladnoch's peated history. For the three single casks of the first Peated Collection Dr. Nick Savage has selected Rum, Bourbon, and Sherry Hogshead casks.

The Sherry Hogshead expression packs a punchy ABV of 58.3% and is limited to just 262 bottles. The nose of this whisky is reminiscent of polished oak with nuances of nutmeg and dates. On the palate, you’ll discover bonfire smoke along with plum jam and the finish leaves you with the comforting taste of a Bonfire Christmas cake, a truly exceptional and indulgent experience that perfectly embodies the spirit of Bladnoch's Peated Collection.

Next in the Single Cask line-up is the 2009 Rum Cask edition of the Peated Collection where there are 248 bottles available. Here, the nose introduces notes of sugar cane, enriched with a floral and herbal body, setting the stage for an extraordinary tasting experience. As you explore the palate, you'll uncover the flavours of marshmallows on a campfire combined with apple pie. The finish is subtly dry, offering a delightful mouthfeel with the lingering sweetness of smoke.

Finally, the 2009 Bourbon Barrel is a celebration of rich, smoky flavours that will delight the senses and this Single Cask expression is limited to 231 bottles. The nose reveals notes of smoky vanilla custard and on the palate, you'll find toasted vanilla pods with the warmth of sandalwood. The finish is a perfect blend of sweetness and smoky warmth.

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