The Samhla Collection

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Drawing parallels with Whisky production, The Dragon Series showcases the scale of variability encountered throughout the process, which is seemingly chaotic and unpredictable. However, using the skills, knowledge and experience of the craftsman of today, and of those before us, the final whisky always become beautiful through each of these golden iterations.


Iteration V focuses on Whisky making in the sample room, where the decisions are made for our final products. All variability and unpredictability is considered at the bench, protecting tomorrows interests, whilst balancing todays needs for a consistent and sustainable experience for everyone. Taking the full complexity encountered to date, and simplifying it in these final steps. With innovation opportunities and the skills to build flexibly maturing stocks, the variability and unpredictability of everything in the process curve to this point, should not be noticed by anyone if we make the right decisions.


Nose: Crushed red grapes with coffee cremes

Palate: Coffee crème’s with apricots and a hint of nutmeg

Finish: Thick & long

Strength 53.1% ABV

Cask types: Hungarian Tokaji wine casks, Spanish Canasta Sherry Casks


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