The Samhla Collection

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Drawing parallels with Whisky production, The Dragon Series showcases the scale of variability encountered throughout the process, which is seemingly chaotic and unpredictable. However, using the skills, knowledge and experience of the craftsman of today, and of those before us, the final whisky always become beautiful through each of these golden iterations.


Iteration IV focuses on the longest, the most complex and least understood process of maturation. Casks filled with new make spirit undertake years and decades of interactions with their environment, building an unpredictable structure for the whisky to come. Those who lay the casks down, pass them to a future generation, who will be the custodians of the results. The seasonal cycling of temperature and humidity, warehouse type and location, combining with the angels, to give us significant complexity to manage. Casks have been sought from the darkest, coldest locations in Bladnoch’s warehousing to amplify these effects in the Iteration IV.


Nose: polished oak and honey inside an earthy warehouse

Palate: Sweet oak with earthy blackberries

Finish: Sweet with a spicy warmth

Strength 51.5% ABV

Cask types: Red Wine Hogshead, 1st fill Bourbon

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